Thursday, May 3, 2007

Table and Sheri

This is what I did last night, instead of knitting. I found a sale the other day I couldn't pass up. My apartment kitchen is very small and there isn't much space for a seating area. Before, I had a round table and could only fit 2 chairs. I only had 2 chairs and they weren't even mine at that. Not conducive for entertaining guests! Now, although I no longer have a chair back to toss my coat over (this is most likely a good thing), I do have a dining set that seats more, takes up far less space, and if I may say - it's pretty snazzy lookin'! The stools even came with a built in ass groove for a more comfortable perch. Sweeet.

In other exciting news, my Summer '07 Interweave Knits arrived today! I'm not at all impressed with most of the patterns in it, but I must say there is some really great sock stuff there. There is an article on toe up socks that is particularly catching my eye. I've only ever made socks in the toe up way. To be fair to cuff down, my next pair will be Jaywalkers and I am not going to use the toe up modification this time. I will give cuff down socks a chance before I decide they're not for me. Actually, I'm hoping I like them just as much. I really really really want to start making Cookie A's patterns, they are just sooo stunning! I don't think any of her patterns are toe up though. It shall be another knitting experiment.

Most of my earlier "squee!" was about this:

My Loopy Ewe order arrived today!! I can't say enough on Sheri's quality of customer service. If I wasn't convinced that I wanted to be a Loopy Groupie before just from hearing the glowing reviews on Lime and Violet's podcast, I am definately convinced now. On the left is Claudia Handpainted in the Walk in the Woods colorway, in the middle is Cherry Tree Hill in Indian Summer, and on the right is Claudia Handpainted in Purple Earth. Must. Go. Knit. NOW.

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