Sunday, June 3, 2007

Green Gable finished! -and other goings on

Finished, and I love it! It's not to heavy, it fits like a dream, was a breeze to make (I love the no-seaming!), and the man, Danimal, vociferously approves. [It's not everyday you get to use a word like that there!]

This is the first garment I have knit for myself that I am 100% happy with the finished item. I like the pattern so well, and it it so simple that I will absolutely knit it again at some point.

In other news, I had a birthday. Danimal made me salmon for dinner and baked me this cake. He is very very good to me.

I also purchased myself an early birthday present of some of Lime & Violet's lovely Sasquatch sock yarn, and an on the day birthday present of a swift and winder. Life just got a whole lot easier!

That's Possessive Propaganda, Fairy Fruits, and Box of Wishes from left to right. Yummy! Feeding the sock addiction is goood.
We also went to a butterfly sanctuary that day.

I got to borrow my dad's Digital Rebel SLR camera that day. It was so much fun. I took a lot of pictures, but I think these are two of the best. Borrowing my dad's camera made me realize how much I wished I had a decent camera, especially considering that my current one was flaking out periodically due to an iced tea incident. - Don't ask, I'm sure you can imagine.

This all brings me to my after birthday purchase...a new camera. My old one is an Olympus, and I really liked it, so I looked at Olympus again. I found the perfect one for me in the Stylus 780. LOVE IT. To continue the theme of the catch-up picture post, here are some neat ones I took with the new toy in the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest on Friday.

The Lowell-Tyngsboro town line. I sat here and knit on my sock for a little while, until the mosquitos discovered me.

And I found that the Lady Slippers are in bloom. I was glad to be in New England that day.

Super Macro Mode also works very good on socks in progress...hopefully they will be finished in a few days.
Happy Knitting!

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