Sunday, April 8, 2007

Exciting aquisitions

All of a sudden my queue of projects waiting for the needles has grown!

With warm weather approaching, I decided that I really wanted to try knitting something with bamboo. I had found a few patterns that looked promising, so I headed up to Nashua and visited Ewe'll Love It! for the first time. Oooh. I did love it. I did not however, get any bamboo yarn, although they did have some. While browsing, I came across this 100% baby alpaca worsted weight by Alpaca With a Twist, and I absolutely COULD NOT leave it in the shop. She had 3 hanks and I took them all home with me. I'd never spent that much money on yarn before, buying it almost seemed forbidden in a way. I don't have a pattern in mind for it yet, but I do know that it will be the most beautiful sweater I have ever owned. The picture below doesn't do it justice, the yarn is much less red than it appears here.

The other yarn in the picture is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I have admired the Green Gable pattern for a long time, and this spring I am going to make it. I bought the pattern from Zephyr Style and ordered yarn online for the first time. Let me tell you, I was so excited to open that package when it arrived! The color is even better than the picture I saw when I bought it, I can't wait to knit with it!

I also have a shawl or stole type of deal cast on, but that's it. It's a lace pattern that uses Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo, and I got about 8 inches in before I decided that I would really rather use larger needles. So I've cast on with the larger needles, but haven't gotten any further.

That's because my cousin just had a baby! I decided to make her little boy a cardigan, my first baby item. I wanted it to be washable and durable, so I chose Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. I'm about finished with the back of it and am almost ready to start the neck shaping. There will be a second one soon, another cousin is due in 3 months.

Talking about it makes me want to go work on it!

Happy Easter and Happy Knitting!

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