Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Spring!

Here are some lovely colors to celebrate the long awaited
return of warm weather.

The man and I decided to have a bit of a grill party last night. Teryiaki steak tips and veggie skewers, most delicious! Good company, good tunes, good eats, what more could you want on a warm spring eveing?

Hannah would like to say hello today. She's a good helper when I sit on the couch and knit. She sits next to me and "makes sure the yarn doesn't get tangled." At least, that's what she tells me she's doing. I'm not sure I buy it...

Sarah's socks are coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the heel flap of the second one, and since they are toe up, after that it's straight on up the leg. I'm happy they are going so fast, although it really doesn't help my fast-developing sock addiction. (Not that listening to Lime & Violet is doing wonders, either.) I'll have at least two more pairs coming up soon as well, it's coming up on birthday season for me. Green Gable is next up on the needles though, that gorgeous Cotton Fleece calls my name every time I walk by my knitting cabinet.

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